Friday, 4 May 2007

Hazards of partying

The Finns have earlier been very conscientious about not drinking and driving but now the trend has changed. Last week all over the EU countries the police checked drivers and as it turns out every 100th driver in Finland is under the influence of alcohol and especially younger drivers are prone to drink and then drive. Well they might have been partying hard the day before and hang-over and still had some alcohol in their bodies.

But I still wonder about is how many drivers were under the influence of other substances, and I do not mean drugs in this case. How many of the drivers use painkillers that are not suitable to take if driving, or medication against anxiety and to calm you down like Valium or had a sleeping pill the night before. The effects do not just disappear when you wake up in the mornings; it lingers on for hours after quite similar to a hang-over.

To my surprise the health authorities have published guidelines for smoking on balconies. So from now on you smoking on your own balcony can be prohibited if it is proven to be hazardous to the health of your neighbours.

Guess this produces even more pressure for people having parties in apartment buildings in as you do not normally smoke indoors in homes in Finland and going out to the balcony might not be allowed anymore.

Another funny thing, I was in Stockholm on a cruise not long ago and almost no one smoked in the streets anymore since smoking no longer is allowed in public places in Sweden.

So having a drink and smoking a cigarette when you are having is party might soon disappear.

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