Friday, 11 May 2007

Doing nothing

I have never blogged this late any day before, but at least I now have blogged continuously every day for quite long even though my aim was to do it at least every two days. Guess this blogging kind of gets addictive in the long run, which I find quite surprising as I never was a neither good nor conscientious diary keeper earlier.

The Finns consume most ice-cream in the whole world according to statistics, an average 14 litres ice-cream per person a year. I think that is quite a lot and I am sure I do not eat that much and I doubt that the off-spring does that either even during a hot-summer like the last ones have been. Well, the Finnish are among the top countries in drinking coffee per capita as well.

Today even with the prevailing nice spring weather I have managed to achieve anything important, or why do household chores always sound like “nothing”. Why does not washing or making the dishes count as anything in anyone’s eyes, not even my own? I mean certain rooms get filled with heaps of dirty laundry on the floor during the week and all of a sudden it disappears from the floor and turns up in as a massive stack in the laundry basket. And this is the point when I get depressed. It is much easier to wash a machine now and then instead of having to wash all weekend long, running machines all day long.

Anyway, back to the ice-cream, I have for many years now wondered why women always in movies or in TV-series eat ice-cream when they are depressed. What purpose can the ice-cream, or candy or cookies have?

When I get depressed enough I just stop eating, I can’t get anything down and I completely loose interest in cooking. And cooking is one of my favourite pastimes, so I have to be really depressed to quit cooking.

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