Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Demeaning or not?

According to the statistics the treatment of obese people in Finland cost hundreds of millions of euros.

Well in the rest of Europe the Germans are the most obese according to the facts presented with the British on the second place, maybe a couple of hundred euros is not so bad compared as there are more people and thus more obese in both countries.

I wonder about the new programme featured in the mornings, the Eurovision morning comb or whatever it was called. A Finnish guy talking in fake broken english many words inbetween in Finnish. If you are not fluent in Finnish you do not get it at all. As a foreigner I do not get the fun of it, maybe my sense of humour is wrong .

But do really the Finns themselves see the fun in it?!?

Is this how the general public in Finland want to make themselves known to the rest of the world, in this case most of Europe as this is to enhance the knowledge of foreigners visiting Finland for the Eurovision songcontest?

I think that is demeaning, but hey, that’s only my opinion.

Anyway, the weather is beautiful and the sun is shining so maybe there are better things to do today than to blog.

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