Monday, 21 May 2007

Having a bad trip

The problems with seabirds continue and now in the vicinity of Kokkola 50 dead gulls were found lying dead on a field. The found dead birds were common and black headed gulls, and both are protected species and poisoning is suspected to be the reason of their deaths. Well, another reason might be the avian flu, but I doubt that as they are not migrating birds. Wonder when the poultry is allowed outdoors again?

Anyway, I was actually going to write about this friend of mine who got this new medication to try. Her medication was to increase the pain level as she suffers from fibromyalgia and so it did. But she did not sleep for weeks, kept on fainting due to low blood-pressure and lost her appetite and almost 10 lbs of weight while the side-effects were supposed to be weight-gain and tiredness. Well these are things you can still live with, especially if you have more weight than you need but the psychological effects of the drug were quite remarkable. Being under the influence of this medication she filed for divorce from her second husband quit her job and began looking for as well a new job and an apartment of her own. She was also planning to send her children to live their father and signing the custody of her children over to her ex-husband from having always being the single custodian. She was not even interested in TV-shopping when using this medication, which is one of her passions in life.

A sure sign of summer’s arrival is when the melting snow causes the water levels in the rivers to raise, an annual happening at about this time every year and always in the same places, like in the Kittilä region now with some roads being in danger to be closed due to the water levels. I have never lived in the country so that the river has flooded my house, but I would get annoyed and tired of it happening every year and have moved somewhere else. And if it happens every year, well guess the insurance companies get tired of paying for lost and ruined property. The insurance companies here in Finland are already as it is very hard to get to pay for anything. The normal routine is to deny everything in the first run without any consent and if you persist about your rightful claim you might get some money in the end.

Guess there is no insurance company that pays you anything if you ruin your own life when being on the wrong medication and having a bad trip.

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