Saturday, 5 May 2007

Wishing for a headache

They say that drinking habits are getting more and more unified in all of EU. What does this mean then? The rest of Europe is following in the foot-steps of the Nordic countries, the ancestors of the heavy drinking Vikings, getting pissed every weekend? Or do they try to convince us that the inhabitants of the Nordic countries finally learned how to drink socially?!?

Anyway I have a bad migraine and can not even imagine drinking any alcohol for a hundreds years! That is until this migraine loosens the vice it has got on the veins in my brain and subdues into a normal day after headache. Right now I would welcome an ordinary headache with open arms together with a hang over I had caused drinking some good red wine instead of this instead of this sickening feeling accompanied by thought on how to get my hands on a gun to end my misery. If you have no migraine then you do not know what pain is. And there is no “No pain, no gain” it means nothing as nothing comes out of this.

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