Monday, 28 May 2007

On break

The south-eastern parts of Finland have not been able to see digital-TV during the weekend and some areas are still without it. This is said to be due to a mechanical failure and it should have been fixed shortly but nobody has protested against not being able to see TV.

In Venezuela there are rallies against the most popular TV-station being closed down after having had discontinued its’ broadcasting license on May 27th 2007 for not agreeing with the current government policies.

Without knowing it here in Finland the most discussed subject on daytime TV-chats is the “Mi Gorda Bella” Show going on summer break and s said to come back after the summer break on August the 27th.

“Mi Gorda Bella” is a Venezuelan Telenovela and as it happens, produced by the same company that was just taken off air over by the Venezuelan government.

Even though TV series are fiction there always are some hints of the truth, or are there?!?

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