Friday, 18 May 2007

Free museum visits

The first swallow was sighted yesterday so the summer is here, even according to me and not just the almanac. No avian flu in sight so far this year either, even though the migrating birds now are back in Finland for the summer again and the weather is said to become warmer during the weekend.

The eastern neighbour has been very much in the news lately in one way or another. The EU has a summit at the time being to discuss continued cooperation between the two, about meat imports and olis supplies.

And a Finnish company has been in the news and is told to be having in the harbour of Cronstadt where they are running a successful business. There are disagreements about the Finns having trouble to access their working site, about the construction of a nearby dam, removing a fence and the local police not interfering it the disagreement.

And the news have been going on about the Finnish presidents visit to the USA, she was declined to meet with president Bush, the female presidential candidate as well as by the female chairman of the Senate. I just wonder how much in advance these requests were made, I mean, even I have a busier agenda than being able to right now make myself free just like that. Oh, by the way, she is meeting, or already did meet the secretary of the UN, so one thing did go as planned.

Today is the international museum day so you can actually visit museums free of charge today; at least here in Finland I know you can as it might not apply to all countries. So now I have to decide which museum to visit today.

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