Monday, 16 February 2009

Sporty winter look

She is strange that little perfectionist woman that lives deep inside me, she can not stop re-writing my posts over and over again, and yesterday's posting she has come up with as many better variations that I have fingers to write with!

Maybe I will alter it, keep on writing this one little post over and over again until it is perfect and I am fully satisfied with it. I am not normally that unsatisfied with the outcome and that only when I write on line instead of writing it in advance before posting. But I kind of like this more spontaneous blogging as I never know how it turns up, nor do I know what I blog about. I mean, I have an idea I begin with but I never know before hand where the any posts lead to in the end.

Anyway, this lovely sunny but cold winter weather inspired me to take a long walk but unfortunately the slippery walking routes cut it shorter than I wanted together with the cold wind blowing, now I look like a cooked crayfish. The sporty winter look, red face.
It is actually the same look you always get after a hot sauna, more like a crimson red face. Having pale skin makes winters hard as everything you do outdoors has to be planned some time ahead, so the face is properly protected from getting too frost bitten and sunshine and cold temperatures is the worst combo, and if you forget to get your cream on for protection then you will know after wards you made a very stupid thing.

Not me this time, fortunately, only the slippery roads made an end to my walk as I pulled a muscle in my back.

Sunday, 15 February 2009

Gray paper towels

Since having become a single again, I have occasionally been out with friends for a drink or two and never seize to be surprised by the lack of style in even more posh and expensive bars pubs and establishments. They have no serviettes to offer you!
If you ask when ordering your drinks in a bar, and as I am quite accident prone I always ask.
The closest they can come up with is gray towels from recycled paper. I mean the paper towels come good in hand when ever an accident happens, and you need something to wipe with fast, but I can under no circumstances see them as serviettes or paper doilies.
Anyway, I am still single and looking, so no luck with the bar hopping so far.

Friday, 13 February 2009

Finnish Grammy

The Finnish conductor Esa-Pekka Salonen was awarded the Grammy the other day.

He shared it with the best classical solo performer, the American Hilary Hahn. This is the third time a Finn has been awarded with a Grammy, the two previous ones went to the Finnish opera singer Karita Mattila in 1997 and 2003.

But this all of course depends on your point fo view, the music pieces in question on this album were composed by the Finn Sibelius and the Austrian Schönberg who emigrated to the US in the 30's. So in a way it is also an Austrian Grammy, is it not? And the orchestra conducted was the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra, so in a way it is a Swedish Grammy as well?

This all depends on your point of view, and the reason I just love statistics, you can twist the same number5s over and over again without telling any lies.

Monday, 9 February 2009

Single and free

Even though absent for some time now and having been only blogging occasionally out of family reasons, I am happy to see you, my dear beloved readers, have not completely forgotten about me!
This gives me such pleasure and joy in times not for the better but for worse.

Strange thinking back to my blogging about the seven year itch almost two years ago and now knowing it was a fact, but I only recently discovered about it. Moving to this new apartment just before Xmas made a change. Dear spouse and I are now separated, his offspring having left with him and my own offspring currently planning to leave home in order to continue studies, so I will be alone with the cat in a while.

Suddenly being a single woman at my age, who would have ever been able to imagine that?!?
But that is my reality today and I just hate having to think about the dating scene. If it would not be hard enough to do it in your own home country where you know all the applicable rules and tours of dating.

What the h*ll, maybe my blog should be about this middle aged foreign woman getting into the Finnish dating scene?!?

It certainly also is an aspect of living in this country, and one I never thought I would get involved in apart from watching it from aside, my girlfriends doing it. Maybe a dating blog would be of better service and and more valuable to other immigrants in order to avoid too many feet in the mouth and mishaps?!?

So the first question to ponder about, where to meet these prospects of men?
Any ideas, as getting round my girlfriends old ones is not my theme, too many men I know too much intimate details about and therefor am not at all keen on dating any of them, no matter what the reason or occasion should the need for a companion arise. And besides using some one's already discarded man does not seem a wise thing to do. Too many know factors to try to try to juggle with, jealousy for one instance might turn up it's nasty head.

So now I single and free. Any suggestions, anyone?!? As I am now single and free, available on the dating scene!