Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Updating family history

Well, I am finally trying to get back to normal routines after my father's memorial.

After an intense meeting with long no seen relatives and an update on who's who in your family at the memorial seems kind of surreal and getting back to normal seems almost impossible. So many things were stirred at the bottom of the profound seas of long ago lived lives of dead relatives as well as just recently lost father. The compulsory polite chatting with coffee and cake can sometimes be quite ennerving.

To tell you the truth his death has not as yet affected me in any way, just a minor out burst of tears all of a sudden, as somehow I feel I already lost him three decades ago when he left to work far from home and the father I knew as a small child never returned home again. Of course he was still there for me, but never in the same way as before.

I wonder if his death ever dawns upon me ...he just kind of left on a vacation that will last until the end of my own days.

Monday, 9 March 2009

Grieving father's death

Life has its' own strange ways, my father just died early Sunday morning, and being abroad he will be buried there so there will be no burial service back home.

Kind of sad, realizing that you can die any time.

At least he died, even though all of a sudden and without any warning in a heart seizure, lots stock and barrel, he went when he was ready as he mentioned to me in our last phone conversation...

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Less Northern lights

There haven’t been many sightings of Aurora Borealis in Lapland this winter.

According to the Sodankyl√§ Geophysical Observatory, the scarcity of northern lights is due to very few sunspots. Last time the sun was last this passive in 1913, nearly 100 years ago. Apparently the sun’s activity runs sun in cycles, and you can´t predict the length of these cycles. Well, I can vouch for that, last week skiing up north I had no glimpse at all of northern lights what so ever. But the skiing trip was nice, getting a change from the normal routine.

Skiing, good company, good food and wine, some snow sledging and relaxing, that makes at least this woman fit for fight again. And eventually, dating.

Monday, 2 March 2009

Wham bam!

Well this dating seems to be an odd business here in Finland.

You go for a date, hit it well off and go for a second date with dinner in a restaurant and it still seems fine so you settle for a third date. He invites you to his place for dinner and he cooks before your eyes. You are romantically wined, dined and seduced and everything still seems fine the next day and you set date for a third date but then nothing, just a cowardly text-message saying he is really sorry but he wasn't really turned on. ?!?

He did not turn on? Why the romance then, champagne and all?
Just "Wham, bam. Thank you ma'am"!

Well, I guess I can not judge from just one experience but my female friends have told me the same story. A couple of nice dates then it all of a sudden ends, usually with no explanation at all. Are the Finnish men just players, or is it just me who tends to meet them? And I am not even a blue eyed blonde!

So, I guess I am still single but I guess I am not dating for the time being...