Sunday, 15 February 2009

Gray paper towels

Since having become a single again, I have occasionally been out with friends for a drink or two and never seize to be surprised by the lack of style in even more posh and expensive bars pubs and establishments. They have no serviettes to offer you!
If you ask when ordering your drinks in a bar, and as I am quite accident prone I always ask.
The closest they can come up with is gray towels from recycled paper. I mean the paper towels come good in hand when ever an accident happens, and you need something to wipe with fast, but I can under no circumstances see them as serviettes or paper doilies.
Anyway, I am still single and looking, so no luck with the bar hopping so far.


  1. Good Luck!!!
    And you have success please tell me how you did the magic :)

  2. Well thank you Claudio,
    for wishing me good luck. I assume you mean in the dating business...?

  3. yeah, exactly
    If you want some advices about what not to do I have 3 years experience and I am not even that expensive :D

  4. Sounds very depressing, that you have not had any luck for three years! But your name suggests that you are a man, and it might not be quite the same for me as a woman, but thanks for the offer, I might take up you on that...if I don't get lucky.

  5. I had some luck but well...not that much, not enough. But well I am not desperate, I think it's just finland's fault and not mine :D