Sunday, 20 May 2007

Summer pastime

62% of the Finnish companies pay their bills in time on the date, but the bigger the company the slower to slow to pay their bills in time. Every 5th company pays their bills too late even though the Finns have a much better routine to pay their bills that prevail in many other European countries where it has become an art form to pay the bills as late as possible without having to pay any additional fees.

Anyway, our Vappu balloon is “still alive”, well it is much deflated now but still hangs high up at the ceiling but has lost its’ sturdy bounce and our cat has lost interest in playing with it as it does not bounce as well as it used to almost three weeks ago when we got it for him. Now with the warmer weather and the prevailing sunshine he has moved on to his summer pastime, spending time sleeping on the table on the balcony or eating some chives that we always get for the enjoyment of both the cats and ourselves. He also sits watching the sunset in the kitchen, a bit like the Indians who used to chant the sun up in the mornings and down at nights.

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