Saturday, 26 May 2007

Social benefits

I was surprised to hear that kindergarten has been free to people with low income here in Finland and parents have been able to leave their children in the municipal child-care full time even when being unemployed and at home. Well, this will come to an end from next year which I think is good. Children do of course need to be with other children in order to develop into normal human beings, to learn social skills to be able to cope when at school every day.

But having the kids at the kindergarten for the whole day I consider as just simply being lazy. Why not spend some time with your children when they are small, as you night get a job when they are older, and many parents hardly see their children as they are busy with their job and careers.

I began planning writing children’s stories “some hundred years” ago it now seems when pregnant, and life with small children sometimes consumes all your time and leaves little for your own ambitions. And for quite some time now I have planned to write a children’s book about our pet cat, the cat with the Vappu balloon and other funny ways and now with off-spring growing, becoming adolescents I have more time to do what I want. So now I am well on my way to developing this idea into reality and by writing it transforming it into a story and have today also found an artist, an illustrator with a nice visual view and I hope we will be able in cooperation to bring these stories into realization.

I was already very impressed when I first saw the samples I received by e-mail and the picture I got today was very much to my liking and looked like the original.

I am very glad and this has been a very good day, even though blogging took its’ time to get done. And this meeting was the most important thing on my agenda today.

Unfortunately I have no longer have any small children to read the stories to but friends and relatives have small children that can enjoy them, as I do not quite yet plan to become a grandmother. But then I guess it is not for me to plan anyway when I am to become a grandmother, but in about ten years time would be nice if anyone asks me.

First things first as they say.

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