Sunday, 6 May 2007

Ice-fishing without ice

Nowadays you receive your tax declarations filled in advance by the tax-office here in Finland.

If you have nothing to remark upon you just leave it without comment but of you want to change or add anything in it you have send it in by May 15th, with the deductions to travel to work being the most common one people add in their declarations.

Okay, ice-fishing, well you do it with special equipment and you do not need a fishing certificate to do it I have been informed. But what I did not know was that this so called ice-fishing is practised when there is no ice on the lakes and that they even have competitions in it during the summer with styrox-foam boards floating on the water with drilled holes in it to fish through! And in the heat of the summer the fish search the coolness of shadow under the styrox boards so it really is no joke to fish. Well I still think it is a joke!

I mean, how serious can it be?

Anyway, the reason why I am posting about this is that the over enthusiastic fisher friend of my husband’s finally persuaded my husband to go fishing with him today, and that is ice fishing but in a boat. I wonder if the two guys consider drilling holes in the bottom of the boat to fish though?

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