Friday, 25 May 2007

Shouting out loud

Nightwish has got themselves a new vocalist, Swedish Anette Olzon, and if I am not completely wrong they have already recorded a new single which is to be released shortly. Well, a band is never the same after any members are replaced but it will be interesting to hear their new sound, if they have completely changed it or tried to get a singer with a similar voice. Apparently the new Nigthwish singer was chosen among 2000 applicants.

Anyway, they say sisterhood and brotherhood is a fine thing, well I wonder about that. I think having siblings is over-evaluated. When you were growing up you competed of the attention of your parents, you fought with your siblings about trivialities every single day, at least it now seems you did. Growing up to adolescents you had all the boyfriends and girlfriends and being adults the thing gets even more complicated with husbands and wives, their respective in-laws, your own nephews and nieces who are the cousins of your own off-spring involved in it.

The thing is, the day need your relatives they never seem to be there for you, maybe I am the culprit here but I do honestly not always get what it was I should have done, or what I did do I should have not done. I always get the feeling I have done something wrong, and at hard times you are supposed to be there for each other.

There is a Finnish male choir, “Huutajat”, which would be translated into “Shouters” and they act according to their name, they shout. The choir has made quite a big name for themselves, both in Finland and abroad as being an exotic addition to traditional singing choirs. Last summer they had these workshops with women also being able to join for sessions and just shout out aloud. I just feel like joining them now and then.

By the way, which shrink originally invented the term the primordial scream?

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