Saturday, 19 May 2007

Mother’s pride

Moderate exercise such as jogging lowers the blood cholesterol levels more than has been understood according to new research. Strange that cholesterol has become such a big culprit in deteriorating the human health and advertising on various food products to reduce blood cholesterol levels are quite common nowadays. We would not be able to digest any fats without cholesterol, and bile that we have to make use of fatty acids consists of cholesterol. No cholesterol means any bile, which means that we are not able to digest essential fatty acids that we can not survive without.

People have natural variations in the levels of blood cholesterol, like some have blue eyes or are diabetic and here we are talking again about statistics, but sure is that we in the western world eat too much “bad” fats which is no good for us.

Young smokers are not concerned too much about the long term health hazards like having lung cancer in 20 years time, but what interest them is instantaneous effects such as bad breath and nicotine stains on the teeth in result of inhaling the cigarette smoke. Most young smokers of today have parents that smoke and according to research the best prevention against smoking are non-smoking parents.

And I always thought being an example in how you yourself behave and what you do as a parent is the best way to raise children and I am quite happy to say I have not been too bad an example, as the off-spring has not turned out too bad for which I am very proud. At least one thing I have managed to do well.

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