Thursday, 24 May 2007

Best thing

More and more people die of liver cirrhosis in Finland due to high alcohol consumption together with an inherited deficit inflammation gene. Almost a thousand people died in the year 2005 of liver cirrhosis with it having about doubled from the year 1999 and we can only presume this is due to hard liquor getting cheaper and more cost effective to get intoxicated by a couple of years ago. Well alcohol consumption has always been high here in the Nordic countries.

Smoking is another a past-time that comes in handy when you are experiencing difficulties in life, it is amazing to see perfectly sane people get completely messed up like the husband of my friend who tried this new medication but had a couple of downward side-effects. Now both she and her husband are smoking again, but at least now they are talking with each other again and as it seems they might not even let the divorce get through.

The smoking part just seems so in vain to first have quit smoking after 30 odd years with medication a couple of years earlier and then have to do it once again later. I am quite happy to not be able to get any of my usual brand cigarettes here in Finland and am only able to smoke when abroad on vacation. And this is one of the best things about living in Finland so far, for me that is.

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