Thursday, 17 May 2007

It’ll just pass

Surprisingly enough there is only 22% women among the senior management in big companies in Finland having even decreased since last year.

That does not look good with the Finnish parliament now consisting of over 40% women representatives, the new government also having a majority of 60% of female ministers in office and even a female president. Well according the population this should not be too bad as I think there are more women than men in Finland so may be this management deficit in women will correct itself with time.

Sadly enough women have also become increasingly more violent suspected due to drug abuse. Women are today committing more crimes compared to earlier and the crimes they are committing are more violent than ever.

But this seems to be an overall prevailing trend in crimes, just heard about an acquaintance with south European origins getting severely beaten up one Saturday night. He was just walking home and all of a sudden got beaten up by several drunken men in the middle of the city for everyone to see with no one bothering to interfere. Only later apparently the beating was over someone passing by called for the police and an ambulance.

It is sad with this inventiveness and carelessness that prevails today, and this is becoming more and more common not only in Finland but all over the western world. Maybe this could explain the about the inconsideration about the global warming. It is just too much to grasp what is happening so we don’t do anything.

"Never mind. It’ll just pass".
And maybe my dear spouse is hoping that I will forget about the bike too.

No chance, my dear!

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