Tuesday, 1 May 2007

No more soup, please!

There has been a boom for six years in the consumption of champagne and sparkling wine in Finland and 50% of the bubbly wine sold in is actually sold for Vappu, not for New Year’s Eve as you might have thought.

Imagine 1 million bottles bubbly wine sold!

With the ever growing demand for sparkling wine the Finnish manufacturers of berry wines try to match the thirsty Finns, to give them a Finnish alternative of bubbles.

Today the worker’s rallies celebrating Labour Day are sure to be quieter than the student’s carnevals held yesterday were. The celebrations yesterday began already early morning with various activities in different cities. Statues were traditionally capped with their white hats earlier in the night and the new students received their white hats at midnight.

In Helsinki about 20.000 people gathered yesterday to celebrate Vappu in the city and the police inform that this was just an ordinary Vappu celebration but this might have had something to do with the cold weather.

Well, I am still stuck in the soup kitchen hoping for quick recoveries of the ill.
I am sick of making soup and chamomile-tea all the time.

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