Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Point of view

I was quite surprised yesterday to receive quite a negative feedback as a comment on a previous Blog I have posted.
(Unfortunately as this post is moved here from my previous blog the somment is not included here. But I think the person missed the point about why I bother to keep this Blog of mine at all.
So if you are annoyed with my Blog, stop reading it and wasting your time!

I am in no way complaining about Finland or the Finns, I moved here by my own free choice and have chosen to stay.
I am amazed with the creativity of the Finnish people and learn to know new things about
Finland almost every single day. I admire the Finns and their culture and am in no way trying to demean Finland in any way.

Besides, my idea of keeping this Blog is to make people think about things they might not even have thought of earlier, like a wake up call. So not all the things I write about is really what I think, like stated in my profile for everyone to see if you bother to check.

I am really sorry if someone is offended about what I write in my Blog, my apologies to them.

So, everybody is entitled to their own opinions, the person who made the comment as well as me blogging.

My Blog is about the facts I have heard on the news together with bits and pieces about my own personal life. As we all understand things and experience our lives differently as a result in the way we were brought up or our cultural background it results in sometimes irreconcilable differences in values and opinion.

Diversity and experiencing new things makes life worth living.

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