Sunday, 13 May 2007

Mother’s Day again

Serbia won the European songcontest yesterday. Once again there was no way to foresay the future but Serbia was one of the favourites to win.

Quite funny actually, I happened to watch TV when the Serbian contestant Marija was interviewed one morning and she told that she had been told to bring the Eurovision there next year. Must be quite an experience to do it whenyou were told to win. Guess the song will not be a good song to sing along to as some other previous winners but it sounds like a typical Eurovision song as they used to be years ago.

There were more estern European countries than ever participating this year with most of them seemed to be in the finals yesterday. The Eurovision final was broadcasted all over Europe and Finland's biggest media event ever so far and this probably is good advertising for Finland.

And today is Mother’s day. Husband went off fishing early in the morning and no off-spring in sight. No breakfast in bed, no flowers to mummy so it must be just an ordinary day. I was thinking of going to a restaurant to eat dinner today, but as no one in sight or has shown any signs of life yet…maybe I’ll just treat myself to a nice sandwich.

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