Thursday, 3 May 2007

Best thing in life

Still with unemployment in Finland and still some jobs are hard to get anyone to take. Working in the industry with welding, being a truck-driver or a waiter or waitress seems to be the least wanted jobs here and they are even harder to fill today than they were last year according to the statistics.

More than 1500 employees are to be laid off here in Finland from joint Networks of two mobile giants in the three next coming years and worldwide they are letting go of 7000 workers all together. The new joint venture of giants began in April and so here we are again, new winds blowing with new management.

And I thought businesses were doing good, expanding and making good results. Still there are lay offs and some jobs are not even wanted at the same time.

Well, at least the Vappu balloon is still holding it together and giving us all great joy, both the owner, that is our cat, and all us spectators here to see all his funny ventures. At least he has always done his job well and without complaining, been there to cuddle when needed and daily entertained us with some new thing he has never done before.

He is the best thing in my life, well after the off-spring of course!

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