Monday, 7 May 2007

Bear warning

The outmost southern part of Finland is the peninsula of Hanko and a bear came swimming by sea. With the peninsula being as narrow as it is and the old spa town Hanko being situated on it, the bear had to be shot in order to protect the general public.

Further up the coast a big colony of black-headed gulls, an estimated 30.000 birds are all nesting in the same area being a health hazard and nuisance to the people living in the vicinity of it. The colony in question is said to be the fifth of the total population of the black-headed gulls in Finland and as the black-headed gull is rare in Finland it is protected by law and to be left alone and not shot or hunted. This particular problem with the colony of the gulls has even been discussed in the Finnish parliament and what could be done about it.

Birdwatchers had a competition during the weekend on which of the 167 towers participating all over Finland would see most species of birds. Well 119 species were spotted from the winning bird watch tower, guess they were not in the area of the gulls then there would only have been one species to spot. And quite a lot of gull shit all over you.

Anyway, one sure sign of summer is when the Helsinki 1952 Olympics swimming stadium opens for the summer season, as it did this morning. So swimming we go in the heated up water early in the morning.

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