Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Ice-cream or no ice-cream?

The Eurovision song contest is held on May 12th and already some of the contestants are arriving in Finland already today.

A lot of public events are going to be held in Helsinki to entertain the audience, same thing that was done for the world championships that were held on the Helsinki stadium a couple of years ago. Which I think is good advertising for this country as it has a great deal to offer. Finland is just unfortunate to be so unknown, maybe this will improve things.

I seem to just be preoccupied with ads for the time being in one way or another.

The latest ones being the ice-cream ads. I do not get the idea of how eating and ice-cream is sexually connected and I think the ads they make for this one particular ice-cream have been distasteful for years, if not even pornographic.

I do not want MTV into my ice-cream, I just want to eat it. Plain and simple.
And as it happens it is my favourite ice-cream, and with a bad ad I usually avoid buying the product in question.

Well this has caused me problems for some years now as I enjoy an ice-cream basking in the sun in the summers and this year there are varieties with dark chocolate, my absolute favourite and I can not decide if to try one or not to. There are so many difficult questions in life to make up our minds; we always seem to get back to the “to be or not to be?” that Shakespeare’s Hamlet contemplated already centuries ago.

Which in my case happens to be "Ice-cream or no ice-cream? That is the question."

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