Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Bike problem

Today the news of the day seems so far to be that the Finnish president is travelling to the USA and her inquiry to meet with President Bush later this week was declined due to lack of time.

The news have so far since yesterday discussed about the reasons why the meeting will not take place, whether it is because president Halonen publicly expressed her opinion against the Iraq war in the UN a couple of years ago or what ever reason it may be that Finland is not important enough to be received by Bush at the moment. Maybe just hurt feelings as the Swedish Prime minister was just received in the Whitehouse.

Anyway, I have now finally stepped into the mp3-player era. I got tired of carrying around an old cd-player and finally got myself a brand new mp3-player and I am really amazed about how they have shrunk the old times large stereo into this little pocket size thing!

Well of course the off-spring has had mp3 players for some time now, they have actually had more than one mp3s, seems to be one things consumed in this family. The players get more expensive with their size shrinking and 1 GB sounded like a lot of space but it apparently is not, I just discovered as I needed more songs into it to get all moods covered. Anyway, loading your music into the player is just as easy as uploading your photos from your camera into you computer.

So now I just have to get husband to fix my bike to get going, music is fixed. Bike is going to be a trickier question, I am not good with bikes so I rather leave them be if I only can and from now on I can blame him for not getting any exercise as my bike needs its’ spring service, just as every year.

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