Sunday, 1 July 2007

Tasty toasts

According to the Finnish Forest research Institute this summer's blueberry crop is expected to turn up better than average one which means good times for all the berry pickers. Last year’s dry summer with hardly no rain at all here in Finland, was no good for berry picking but this summer we have had some rain and it is looking good. Not as many Finns as used to in earlier years go berry picking anymore and today more and more tourist from neighbouring countries come here to pick the berries making “big bucks” compared to their standards back home.

And the strawberries are soon coming into season which means that there is some jam for mummy to make for the long winter months to spread on breakfast toasts. And come to think of breakfast toast, well this porridge cooking offspring of mine has recently picked up another breakfast habit, now it is toast with peanut butter, but as you probably might know the peanut butter itself is not tasty as it is not sweet enough, and having a sweet tooth with its’ cravings the varieties are tried out. The culinary experiments on peanut butter on toast has so far in our kitchen been cherry jam, strawberry jam, raspberry jam, apricot jam, applesauce, redcurrant jam, blackcurrant jelly and I thrilled to see whether the mint sauce or rhubarb jam ever turns up on the toast. Well, that would be the day!

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