Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Maternal pride

The Tall Ships' Race is at present in Kotka in Finland where they arrived after visiting Denmark. There are about 100 ships participating in the race and they will set off for Stockholm in a couple of day’s time and the Race last visited Finland four years ago in Turku.

Having two cats you are used to taking them to the vet for vaccinations both at the same time, different things turn up when just one has an appointment like this morning. The younger one had to go see the vet and mummy, that is me of course, was all nervous about it. Mister himself took it with great dignity; he was easily caught and put into his basket without a protest heard of, carried off to the car all silent and calm as a cucumber.

When together in the basket with his mum there is a cat aria sung before you get out of the elevator and the reaching out of the basket with stretched claws begins right after the engine is started. Even the waiting at the surgery was quiet and nice, not even stupid dogs did disturb this little gentleman’s behaviour.

Mummy managed to get mister who was acting a bit shy out of his basket; staying calmly on the examination table and going willingly back into his basket afterwards. I am amazed, so calm, and so quiet no protests and they are just bonkers when his mother comes along! As there are no two children alike I guess it goes for cats as well, and it seems that your company effects you, and sometimes very badly.

I am very proud of my little one today.

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