Thursday, 19 July 2007

Perfect recipe

Many elderly people are suffering from malnutrition in Finland, especially the ones living in care units about 80% are either malnourished or at risk to becoming so according to research published by the University of Kuopio and the problem seems to be even worsening.

Quite often the elderly first suffer from an illness that makes it difficult for them to either eat or decreases the appetite and in this way impeding the recovery. This is said to be a consequence of personnel with no nutritional education at all together with too few care personnel in the units to aid the aged.

Yesterday Finland had its’ share of gale force winds with trees falling over cars and lifting roofs of cabins.

It was a nice day to stay indoors and just lie around on the sofa watching some old favourite films. I have always been very fond of the films of Akira Kurosawa and I yesterday watched Seichi, the seven Samurais. Even it being a black and white film I am amazed by the views and the camera angle. It being a Samurai war film there are beautiful scenes with blooming cherry being passed and blooming forest with chrysanthemums but the end is always as sad. I can not remember seeing another film with as much rain falling down as this one; the muddy puddles are half way up to the knees. Sometimes I wonder how beautiful old films would have been if in colour. Kurosawas Ran is a masterpiece, not maybe in the story as it is a copy of an original play by Shakespeare, but the colours, the views, the whole visual world is absolutely fabulous!

Anyway, today there is gastronomic activities performed by the offspring in the kitchen again but this time I am going to have to make you all disappointed it is all strictly following a recipe this time. No experiments today, the sweet tooth was aching and as there already is a favourite recipe it is used, unfortunately in no need of perfection according to the cook in question.

If all the experiments that have been tried out in my kitchen, including both mine and the offspring’s, and they had to have been eaten, well guess we would be quite malnourished too in this family. Take home is very convenient when cooking turned out badly out of one reason or other.

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