Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Dangerous cooking

The International trade in recycling and scrap metal is growing and the recycling industry in Finland has grown by about 150 percent during the last few years. The one concern now is that the material is exported to countries where the material might not be handled with proper safety precautions and proper care.

Some things I just wonder why you never learn. They say that you learn from making your own mistakes and with experience you grow wiser but I wonder as some things I tend to forget about and do the same mistake over and over again and at least once a summer I wear the wrong shoes going to town.

I have even ruined a whole vacation abroad by putting brand new, and as it happens, half a size too small trainers on, walking in them on a hot summer’s day around sightseeing a big town abroad getting sore feet with blisters that got infected when they burst. I was not able to wear proper shoes until late September that summer, luckily it was a warm autumn that year, and it was not in Finland.

I have had blisters on my feet in the most peculiar places, and I still tend to get them from shoes I have had for years. You know; if you buy good quality shoes you have them for a couple of years and still use them when they come in fashion years later. Shoes that are walked in, that are comfortable on your feet and you supposedly do not get any sores from anymore. Well I still do, the shoes I wore today had been walked in many times this year already, and they were not brand new and here I am again with blisters all over, even under my feet!

Not even acquiring new frequent buyer points I could go for drinks for on a terrace could interest me in going shopping tomorrow as I right now I feel like some scrap you could just throw away!

But I guess that someone has to cook dinner, or cut the salad ingredients and tossing them in a bowl together with some salad dressing.

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