Friday, 27 July 2007

Stirring the soup

The Finnish security police have apparently been misleading the president concerning these secret spy documents according the media.

If I have not got it all completely wrong following the Finnish media; The president announced her open line 7 years ago and acclaiming the documents to be made publicly available when the information about the Finnish spies would to arrive in Finland, but as the documents in question were already in the possession of the security police at the time, they stayed in safekeeping, the security police has apparently not been acting according to the set open.

The German head researcher of the Stasi-archives earlier called the Finnish investigation of the Finnish president’s aide amateurish and a major cock-up as it has resulted into the former presidential aide having been accused of spying on false grounds.

The Finnish Foreign business- and development minister emphasises that the government is to pay compensation for it at the same time admitting the misuse of the Rosenholz files. The court proceedings about compensation to be paid begins in Helsinki in august and the former presidential aide, today the itinerant ambassador of Finland in the western Balkan countries hopes to win the case and be paid compensation for the personal harm of being falsely accused as a spy.

The Finnish prime minister has so far not made any statements in the matter as has few other ministers of cabinet but it being July and in the middle of the holiday season in Finland should be as good excuse as any other.

A strange coincidence though seems the announcement of the senior police commander in office of the security police about his resignation out of health reasons at this time after having been on sick-leave already for some time, claiming it having nothing to do with the spy business scandal currently at hand.

Thrilling will be to follow the suit, all different stories told and developments after all the stirrings of this soup to come in the near future. Who says what and denies saying so right after.

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