Thursday, 12 July 2007

No-use news

The news are sometimes most disturbing I think and have no sense at all. Now Finnish junkies and drug addicts are by the Finnish National Health Institute warned against visiting Stockholm in Sweden without bringing their own clean syringes to shoot their drugs with. And this is because there has been an increase in the occurrence of HIV infections recently in Stockholm and the junkies are now warned against sharing needles. Where lays the point in this?

I have had some friends that already when young turned junkies and died; well they did not care about anything but to get their fixes. And still today I have a friend that survived and quit, that has been clean for decades now so I have not exactly experienced it myself but know from reliable sources that one thing is for sure, you do not think about clean needles when needing a fix, you are just dying to do it, no matter what! So where lays the use of this news or warning from the Finnish Health Institute about syringes?!?

Anyway, pizzas turned out nice, a little over thick crust, maybe slightly undercooked and too easy on the toppings and cheese but they actually turned out quite like normal pizzas would, no surprising new combinations like peanut butter and jelly on it. I do not quite consider pizza food as I avoid eating carbs but as it was done as a birthday treat it was acceptable even for me. The pizza making need to be practised into perfection getting a good routine together with some tuning of the fillings. And the day the culinary experimenting extends to making carb free pizzas, well then I am game!

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