Sunday, 8 July 2007

What is Goth?!?

Patriotism and nationalism are two different things and I always thought they were the same thing.

According to Wikipedia; Patriotism denotes positive and supportive attitudes to a 'fatherland' (Latin patria < Greek patris), by individuals and groups. Nationalism is a term that refers to a doctrine or political movement that holds that a nation—usually defined in terms of ethnicity or culture—has the right to constitute an independent or autonomous political community based on a shared history and common destiny. So how does this work with adopted children from other countries and cultures, having got the culture but not the ethnicity, you can still be a patriot and fight for the country you live in, but can you be nationalistic then?

Another thing I have been busy thinking about lately is this Goth thing. All these whitish, pale people dressed with dyed black hair dressing only black. Okay, so here it goes, my question, has anyone ever seen any coloured Goths?!?

As Goths seem to be about a way of living, and is not necessarily about listening to the same music. It is not a political idea as the punks were in their days, is Goth only all about looks or what makes you a Goth?

Can you be a Goth if you do not have the right colour of skin?

It is strange how people are stuck ion their daily routines. Like when waking up in the morning before going to work, you just have your autopilot on, do the same things every morning in the same order and changing the order always makes you forget something. I always blog in the morning, best done before midday but when out of some stupid reason I have to be elsewhere before I have blogged for the day, well then I run out of ideas as my routines are disturbed and blogging at some other time during the day instead of the morning makes me feel awkward.

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