Sunday, 22 July 2007

Pygmy chanterelles and blueberrypie

Today the Finnish driving license has its’ 100th anniversary as the regulation for automobile traffic was announced today in 1907. The first driving licenses were granted a month after the decree was made public and according to it everyone who aimed to conduct an automobile should get a permission to drive. From the beginning the requested competence of the drivers varied with each municipality but since 1923 the guidelines were coordinated into the same guidelines for the whole country. There are today in Finland 3, 4 million holders of valid drivers licenses of three different lay outs.

I was saved form the babysitting of the colleague’s wife by a migraine, and this time not my own, as yesterdays hike to the national park was postponed indefinitely.

Instead I was pestered by chanterelle mushroom and blueberries surprises during the day. My husband first went off for a walk about middayish and happily returned home bringing with him freshly picked chanterelle mushrooms a couple of hours later. I love freshly picked chanterelles, it’s not that, it is just the cleaning of tiny, little mushrooms that puts me off and having to brush off all dirt from every little needle pin sized mushroom takes ages and they just shrink even more when cooking them, the taste of course is absolutely.

Later in the evening he went for another walk and once again returned home with pockets full of, not chanterelles this time, but blueberries so I had to make a blueberry pie that was not ready until 11 o’clock in the evening. And knowing my husbands history I just had to make the pie then as he would not have ceased pestering his mother in his youth if she did not make him the first blueberry pie straight away when he brought home the berries, as he would not have me either. At least he had the decency offering to clean the berries for the pie himself, I bet he did not do that in his youth.

I guess someone else might think it is nice if your husband picks berries and mushrooms, I quite enjoy doing it myself too, it is just the annually recurrent cleanings of these infinitesimally small pygmy mushrooms that I hate that keeps repeating itself until there is no more mushrooms anymore sometime in September October, depending on the year.

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