Sunday, 29 July 2007

Swamp football

As the planned mushroom picking trip had to be postponed due to the rain showers with hardly no intermissions between, it has either been raining heavily or pouring down biggest part of the day has been spent in front of the TV again, this time watching the word championship in Swamp soccer on the sports channel. And is that indeed a sport with needed stamina and patience.

Most of the rules seem to be the same as in ordinary soccer or football but kicking a ball in a swamp makes it really interesting. Once when young and having been dating an absolute sport idiot I once swore I would never ever watch football again as I got more than my fair share of watching that sport back then from the passenger seat as the remote control was always taken over and a sports channel chosen, well guess no wonder why that relationship did not last in the long run.

Anyway, back to the swamp football, imagine these guys trying to run around in a swamp with the wet peat up to their knees or above at some places of the playing field, trying to kick on a football and make a goal.

You can never be sure which way the ball bounces off to, but, you can of course hit it with your head when down on all four in the swamp as you are not allowed to use your hands here either.

This game requires great stamina and endurance and of course patience as it takes time to get the ball in the direction it should go, preferably towards the opponent’s goal, and you can’t loose your temper as there is no time for that. It is a great laugh to watch anyway.

The bad thing about rainy days is though that someone is always accessing the net which normally leaves me with no access at all day long. Guess it is okay to be able to blog anyway but it is the not getting to post them in my Blog that bugs me! Guess I would not be good at swamp football as I probably lack the required patience.

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