Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Wonders of the digital age

Digital photographing is so fun and easy, you just shoot and discard the ones you do not like or did not turn out well.

I also like the way to store the photos digitally and not having them all printed out and put into photo albums. I have also recently begun contemplating the possibility of digitalizing all the photos, even the paper copies in traditional photo albums and store them safely on CDs, the only thing about it is that is time consuming project and I like doing things quickly and having them done right away.

Yesterday was one the days I have enjoyed most in some time as I had the opportunity to get some serious photographing done again with many different things to shoot both static and moving ones. Kids and pets are the most difficult ones to get good photos of as they never stay still, they just move about even if you try to make them not move. Actually one of the best shots from yesterday is one that might not be the best technically, shot a bit off handedly and being a bit blurred but it shows real action as only a cat and dog together can perform. So the greater part of today is now spent copying and saving the good ones to save and just by a click discarding the bad ones. I used to develop some of my black and whites myself but I never even tried developing colour prints and now you can just push a button and they are printed at home on paper type of your own choice.

The owner of the photo shop keeps telling me every time I go there for one reason or another that their prints last longer than the ones printed out at home, but hey, you can still print out new ones after they might have faded, just like you could get new copies from your own negatives and still can today.

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