Saturday, 7 July 2007


Today is the most popular date to get married this summer in Finland.

In Tampere alone all churches are fully booked and about 50 more couples today are getting married than any other day this year with the Midsummer being traditionally the most popular day for weddings. The numbers 7-7-7 seems to be the reason. I just wonder why, the only thing I come to think of is that it might be an easy date for the future anniversaries for the spouses to remember.

Also the Live Earth concert is today, 7-7-7 the movement for a climate in crisis to improve people’s awareness about environmental issues all over the world. To make people more aware of what can be done to slow down the global warming and maybe the concert will help in making a change. The Live Earth concerts are held in 9 different cities in different parts of the world beginning in Australia early this morning Finnish time and the only free concert is in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. The concerts will be make an awful lot of carbon oxide and other waste so I just hope it will be worth it in the end.

The former vice-president of the United States Mr Al Gore is patron of the concerts and he seems to have become a huge cult figure after the release of his film, An Inconvenient Truth. I found the film quite shocking to watch as it made sense. Well, guess someone’s has to tell the truth even if it an inconvenient one or one you do not wish to hear.

Aerosmith is performing a concert in Helsinki today; it is 10 years now since their previous visit here in Finland. Having a concert 7-7-7 the show should have begun at 7 too, well guess you can’t have it all.

Those guys have been going strong for so many years now, how old does it make you feel if a band that has been around since the stone ages and that happens to be for almost as many years as you are old yourself?!?

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