Friday, 13 July 2007

Finally Friday 13th

Finnish scientists have discovered a new amino-acid suspected to contributing in the transformation of healthy normal body cells into cancerous ones.

This new discovery is believed to help in developing new treatments and to cure cancer and the research results are published today in the “Cell” an international science journal where only five studies from Finland have been accepted so far for publication according to the news. I must confess I have never heard of this particular journal and I have read quite a few medical journals as I am interested in health issues, but then there are so many new journals popping up all the time.

Today is Friday the 13th once again, the unlucky day according to so many, a day to avoid. And how exactly should you avoid a day?!?

The photoshop owner just called back about a warranty check up of offspring’s digital camera. The camera was changed into a new and better one, once again. If you have been reading my Blog you know by now that this is the fourth camera in a row to be changed. I just wonder if this is good fortune or just bad luck, the old cameras were much better, you could handle them with much less care than these today.

I have always wondered about fashion and these silly little trends that pop up. For some time now Burberry has been in, and that I still can understand as their brand is not bad, even though Scottish tartans can be quite boring as there is not much to vary them with stripes forming squares in various colours.

The new thing this summer here in Finland are these colourful plastic clog-like shoes that come in yellow and blue. They look very clumsy and uncomfortable to wear but are said to be very nice to walk in, well so are nurses proper shoes to walk in, nothing to compare with a nice pair of high heels that you can wear on a nice, hot summer’s day and get sore feet.

I am going to spend some of my frequent buyer points wearing high heels even though the weather might not be good enough to be sitting on a patio sipping drinks. Still a nice meal with the family should be good to celebrate it is Friday today.

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