Saturday, 28 July 2007

Jam this time

The latest stirrings of the soup are if I have not got it wrong; the Finnish ministry of internal affairs in considering an audit done at the security police about the files kept secret and also denied having been misled by the security police and said that she has full confidence in their activities. She is also considering an investigation about the allegations of her having been lying.

The president in her turn has asked for the secrecy and covering up of the former DDR security service Stasi case. And the president’s chancellery denies the earlier published about president having been mislead by the security police announcing it having been an error, that there are two different cases with Stasi papers that have been mixed with each other. Then the prime minister finally has a say in the matter, he announces that he thinks it best for the security police to find out how the files from the Stasi concerning Finland could be opened for research use and now as the security police gets a new director it should only be natural to do so.

It is currently high season for berry picking here in Finland and there are pickers all the way from Thailand, The foreign berry pickers have usually from neighbouring countries like Estonia and Russia and as berry picking is tax free, no additional VAT or social costs to pay as the pickers are not employed by anyone, it is good money for all concerned.

Yesterday’s fishing trip took long but then the catch was not an ordinary one, the guys got tired of just sitting around in their boat and went on for some berry picking on a nearby swamp. They came home with some cloudberries and of course the compulsory mosquitoes bites, which meant some jam cooking for me first thing this morning. Nice with some home made cloudberry jam even though the berries were on the edge of being overripe as the season for them is at its’ end here in the south. Only two glass jars, but still jam, and the blueberry season is not yet over and talks were about cranberries, but I gather they are not yet in season as they were just in full bloom a couple of weeks ago when I got some pictures of them.

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