Friday, 6 July 2007

Back problems

There are today 250 wolves in Finland and the population of wolves has tripled in recent years and most of the wolves live in the eastern parts of the country.

As for bears I have no figures but they are more common and you might run into one when out in the woods as they have once again regained the whole country as their habitat. A stubborn bear just recently was swimming to the southernmost peninsula of Finland, Hanko, and had to be shot not to cause any trouble as it was heading into town. but they never told where the bear was swimming ashore from on the news.

Today I had planned to go to the market early in the morning and get some fresh strawberries to make some jam; well a slight change of plans was needed as my back is not working properly. A bad back seems to run in our family but to tell you the truth I have had my own share in making it worse. A couple of bad falls during the years, a glider plane accident in my teens and a baseball bat in my spine when in my twenties have done the final touches to it. Normally my back works and I almost forget I have a bad back but now and then hell breaks loose and this is one of them days again.

I can move but not bend and even thinking of crouching down or squatting makes me twitch so the planned trip out to the cottage of a friend’s is out of the question this weekend.

Yesterdays fishing catch was mostly perch and they have gone down well, just tiny small fish but as they go down heads and tails, they are gutted but with their skin on and so happy they are the pair of them and offspring is now tired of helping me as I can not bend down, at least I have once more got a good excuse to make them do some things as I simply can not myself. Washing had to be done, dishes washed and cats fed. Too sad I still can vacuum and wash the floors if needed.

And our family has adopted a Finnish custom, the washing of carpets outdoors.

There are actually municipally run places where you can wash your mats and carpets outdoors here in Finland and it is especially popular on warm sunny summer days and most frantic the washing seems to be just before Midsummer festivities, you just have to get your home cleaned up for it. Warm weather is nice as you do not freeze washing them and then they dry up quickly afterwards. The smell of the Finnish liquid soap, Mäntysuopa, is very nice and it stays for quite long.

We have decided to go and wash them mats next week so I guess unfortunately for me I might have recovered fully and my back might by then be working properly again.

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