Monday, 2 July 2007

Still need luck

A new revolutionizing treatment for threatening cerebral stroke has been invented in Finland and is to be published in a medical journal today.

The new diluting treatment is said to be less damaging on the cerebral blood vessels than the traditional ones .

The only problem is to know when you are having a stroke!

The blood clots usually form somewhere in our legs and then follow the bloodstream and cause a stroke corking up the oxygen supply to the surrounding tissue and causing damage to the same. If you have never had any previous symptoms, how are you supposed to know when to seek medical advice?

It’s like having an aneurysm, you most likely don’t find out about it until the aneurysm has broken, you either die or have a cerebral haemorrhage surviving it and there you need luck in order to fully recover. Well, if you are lucky enough to be in hospital you might get the right treatment, but hey, that‘s with everything in life, it all depends on your luck.

Anyway, I was surprised to hear that there are only about 200 proper post offices here in Finland with a population of about 5 million. To tell you the truth, there actually are 1200 more post offices that are combined with something else, like a supermarket or something, and they run the business for the postal service which in Finland so far has been governmentally run. I guess it is more convenient to go buy your groceries and at the same time get your parcels from the post even if at 9 PM when shopping for your groceries outside the post offices normal business hours.

Well guess this will not improve things for me anyway, still with more liberal opening hours I still need lucky to remember the opening hours for the supermarkets as they vary with the weekdays and the seasons!

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