Tuesday, 24 July 2007


Finland has received asylum seekers from Somalia for some time already and the Somali population is more prone to commit crimes than the average Finns are themselves. Now more than a dozen offenders are facing having their asylum applications rejected and being sent back to Somalia. The Somali population now is wondering what went wrong in the way they were received here in Finland, how they were and still are treated by the natives. Well I see no harm in sending criminals back to where they came from if they do not behave like they should. If you move to a new country you should learn to live how the life is in that country, the new country has no need to adjust to you. You take the spoon in your hand and begin to eat what you are served.

Of course there are Somalis that behave well as there are Finns and people with other ethnicity that commit crimes, it should not be the ethnicity that decides how you are treated, and everybody has a right to be treated equally according to the law. When white Caucasians move to Somalia they face the same prejudices and problems as we immigrants do face here in Finland. I am just lucky that it does not show I am a foreigner but I still got rejections when applying for a job. And what really is racism but protecting your own ways against the unknown out of fear?!?

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