Thursday, 26 July 2007

What do they know?

The possession of some secret material seems to be the biggest news today so far here in Finland as the Finnish Security Police seems to contradict itself about the possession of intelligence on spies.

According to the news, both the Foreign Minister and the Interior Minister were informed by the Security police that SUPO is not in possession of the so-called Rosenholz material which is said to contain data gathered by western intelligence concerning agents of the former DDR Stasi secret police, with some Finnish names among them.

The Interior minister, when interviewed early this morning on Morning TV, confirmed that SUPO does not have the original files in question but other documents with similar content. She also said that the information would have to remain classified.

The state attorney has however noted that the Security Police claimed to have had access to the material at when being heard during court proceedings against former Presidential Advisor (who was freed from all charges in the end) some while ago.

You know that they do know, but can’t say they know. They know that we know and in the end you do not remember what you were not supposed to know!

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