Friday, 20 July 2007


The Lutheran Church in Finland has given refuge to asylum seekers, and this time it is the churches in Kuopio that has offered refuge to a Sudanese asylum seeking woman who currently faces expulsion from the country. According to my knowledge it is not common for the church to hide people from the authorities here in Finland.

Children growing up are nice in a way and a pestilence in other ways, like being late and going for a shower to find out that someone at present is living in the shower, happy and singing. No use asking politely if it is possible to hurry up, the singing is too loud anyway and shouting makes it even worse, then the shower is even prolonged from what was from the beginning intended. Teenagers are definitely waterproof; they can stay there for hours! Interesting is though that the new Harry Potter film was seen in the movies just yesterday but the book that is to be released tomorrow has not at all been mentioned and all the previous books had to be bought right at the instance they were available in the bookstores! Maybe this is another sign of growing up, is it?

Not worth discussing the issue either in vain, it just makes you mad and it is not taken in concern next time anyway as it is not of any importance when it is not them having to get ready in time.

A hiking trip has been planned for the weekend the weather allowing it, out in the woods to see a national park of special importance and beauty. I really enjoy walking especially in the wilderness having my camera with me. My husband does not understand this whim of mine to take photos of things even though he used to be quite keen on it himself in earlier times.

Anyway, the pick-nick part of the hiking is always my favourite, to plan what to bring along into the woods, how to cook and if to cook at all. In this national park you are allowed to have open fire in places designed for it and I was surprised to hear you are even allowed to fish there, which of course got my husband and his colleague’s interest. The only thing now is, husband off fishing in some of the lakes in the area with his friend, leaves me alone with the entertaining of his wife that I have only met about three times, all day long.

She is not into photographing as I am the wife, don’t know what she is into, at least I know it is not fishing. I am quite happy even on my own in the woods but having someone with me all day I do not even know properly, well that kind of makes me feel uneasy about it all.

Either we this weekend see if my knee is up to walking longer distances again or I have to use it as an excuse to stay home. Meeting new people is nice when done in limited time and conditions like when invited for coffee or dinner but hiking in the woods always brings the worst out of people if you are not used to it, especially if the weather is bad.
And there is no church to take refuge in if I needed there is just me and the wife the woods!

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