Saturday, 30 June 2007

Fake police

Being ill is never fun and coming down with high fever in the summer is especially uncomfortable and annoying. Being ill this time my biggest problem has been blogging, not the lack of ideas to blog about but the strength to type the words of the marvellous ideas I have had when being ill.

Or maybe my ideas have just been hallucinations under the influence of the fever and painkillers I have been on, who knows as they were not scribbled down even as notes anywhere for me to type later on, not even recorded which is another way I try to keep up with my ideas and I am sometimes quite creative and new ideas come by in great abundance. Feels good to be more back to normal again, fever gone down.

Anyway, for the past two weeks a handful of tourist have been stopped by scam policemen in the streets of Helsinki. The fake policemen have been asking the tourists to present their passports and credit cards. According to the real police has so far none of the credit cards have yet been used improperly but the posers have still not yet been caught.

Some house squatters were removed by the police from a down town building in Helsinki. I guess these must have been the real police instead of the fake ones as the house squatters were trying to avoid being removed from the site and it hits the news.

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