Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Winning first prize

Have you ever participated in a lottery?

What are the odds that you would win? When these lotteries in different stores to advertise a new product, you fill in your data and drop it in a box or participate by e-mail but who wins? Do real people win on lotteries or is it all a fake, just made up names on a list?

Just got one on the post with the monthly points form one food chain and there you can win to use an RV for two weeks time with petrol and a gift voucher to the food chain in question arranging the lottery all together to a value of 5.000 Euros.

Or the other one from the sister company of the above mentioned one, they have a lottery between all the receipts that you have registered to your membership card, and one lucky winner gets to win a car.

The average family in Finland have an estimated budget of 1.450 Euros to spend on their vacation which is less than in the rest of the Nordic countries done by an estimate by the Nordea bank. Most families are not able to stay in budget and spend more than they can afford to so I guess the winning of the use of the RV would come nice and handy, but as there is only the one to win.

Ryan air has been flying from Finland for a couple of years now and Ryan air is by far Europe’s biggest low-cost airline. They just recently announced their best results ever despite fuel costs increasing by 50%. The result is said to be a result of the airline increasing their higher ticket prices and having introduced lower baggage limits with the result in bigger income in excessive baggage fees together with increased handling fees. Well guess this is another way to stretch your money, to fly with low cost airlines. The only thing with Ryan air though is that you have to fly to Stansted in the UK with them first to change flights in order to get to most places they fly to as they only fly to a handful from Finland.

The funniest thing just happened the other day; I got a MMS that nobody had sent!

It was sent unintentionally by my friend carelessly shoving her mobile phone into her handbag and she had no idea of having done so. Well she did find the proof afterwards yes, but having received it I rang her up and we went for a coffee. It was really nice as I had missed seeing her as sometimes time just flies and you forget what is important in life, your friends and family. Tomorrow we are going out for lunch, and maybe some more coffee and desert afterwards.

So right now I feel like having won first prize on the lottery!

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