Wednesday, 6 June 2007

In need of a drink

The Coca Cola company intends to use less water in their manufacturing processes and are currently using, 290 millions of litres of water every year. The company is said to begin adding vitamins to mineral water and is donating 15 million Euros to the WWF which is not a bad idea, I think

Anyway, some days just are meant to be a waste of time, like today for instance. Travelling 30 kms by bus out somewhere in the bush, sit around waiting for a couple of hours as people do not keep their appointments, then back the same 30 kms in a bus driven by a chauffeur that who does not know how to turn the air-condition on until almost back in town. Good I needed a drink, and a drink of water I mean in this case.

Water is one thing that surely is needed right now in this heat wave that has currently struck Finland and as it gets a bit tedious to always just drink water maybe a Coke or two might slip down too.

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