Sunday, 24 June 2007

A new tradition

Warmest midsummer was in the year 1999, well that heat record was not broken this year but the weather still was nice and warm for the celebrations and according to the latest news only 10 people were killed during the weekend, less than last year.

I am much for traditions and try to keep them up, the ones from my own childhood home but I am always looking for new ones, additions to our family traditions and well, and this Midsummer I was lucky to get a new one.

There is so called black bread coming from Finlands' Swedish speaking coastal areas, a very dark, musty bread made with rye and molasses and now I have found a new variety that stands for months without any preservatives in it, that is if there is anything left of it to stand.

Normally gravilohi as it is called here in Finland but internationally more often known as Gravlax is salmon cured with sugar, salt and dill but adding a hint of ground coriander seeds to it gives it new, delicious dimensions. You take a slice of this musty, dark bread, lace it with Gravlax, and pouring ringlets of Hovmästarsås on top of it, (that is a mustard-sauce with dill in it), decorate it with a twig of dill and enjoy your open Midsummer salmon sandwich.

That is my favourite this Midsummer, unfortunately we are running out of the bread soon!

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