Monday, 18 June 2007

Lack of time

Currently the sun sets at about 11 PM and rises at 4 AM and that gives me not much time to sleep and Thursday will be the shortest night anyway, after that the nights will become longer and darker again.

Some days there still are too much to do so you have to choose between the things at hand. I had gone through the wardrobes and called a charity foundation that collects things from home and off they went. I even got rid of an old chair that was just in the way.

I very much prefer giving things away knowing that they will come to use instead of just throwing them way in among the garbage in the bin. After being so “good” photographing took overhand of ironing and doing the laundry which I had planned to catch up with today. And many nice photos of summery Finland was shot today, not too much sunshine but that never turns out well in photos, the contrast between the shadows and bright spots is too high.

Guess now having uploaded the pictures from the camera I should go and get some dinner preparations done as soon it will be dinner time and home will be invaded by hungry off-spring and spouse. Is it lack of time or my priorities that are wrong ?

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