Wednesday, 20 June 2007


Now the dirty laundry after the parliamentary elections in March here in Finland is washed. The social democrats finally are ready with their investigation about the cause to their defeat in the polls. According to the results their credibility is low as when asked by the general public why they had not realized any of their electoral promises during the 12 years they were in command, the promised tax reductions for example, the representatives had no answers at all, also the ad campaign I was earlier talking about gave people a negative picture of the whole, at least I would not have voted on a party that had that kind of ads, it was demeaning. Now the support for the party is down to a 20 %, so changes will have to be made. Funny how there always is someone or something you have to find as a scapegoat. Why not just realize it was not the right time, or you are heading the wrong way?!?

Also the finances of the representatives are scrutinized, the funding of their campaigns as it does not seem to be transparent enough for the EU council they have sent their representatives to investigate how things went. We will have to wait and see what, if anything comes out of it.

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