Saturday, 9 June 2007

TV diet

I was surprised to find out that there were about 2000 cases of malaria during the years 1941-1945 in Finland during the II world war when the summers were extremely warm. Most of the malaria cases appeared on the Carelian peninsula which then was a part of Finland. Wow, with the summer heating up more and more every year we might be getting malaria back, together with other so far unusual diseases here in the Nordic countries.

Strange how many ads on the TV are for either something edible or potable which makes it hard to try to diet. Have you ever been on a diet and all the ads seem to be just what you are craving badly in that instant?!? Junk food, ice-cream, sweets and candy, frozen pizzas ready to heat up in the microwave, crisps, cookies, cider and beer, crisps…and it just goes on and on until you just give in and empty the fridge of all its’ content. Or completely surrender to your cravings by you getting into your car to drive to the nearest drive-thru to eat loads of junk food. Watching TV is no good when on a diet! I better get on with fixing breakfast now, before it is too late and I am off in my car.

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