Thursday, 7 June 2007

Secret rankings

The Finnish banks secretly classify their customers with either number or letter codes. Customers pay varied mortgage rates depending on how “good” a customer they are, how much savings they have in the bank so in this case it must mean the more you have to pay the lesser trusted you are. So what is new?

People are judged by their appearance and by “how rich” they are.

Talking about richness, I was quite surprised to hear that he G8 summit did not begin until this Wednesday in Heiligendamm outside Rostock in Germany as there have been rallies to protest against the meeting. Never heard of before the crowd fighting with the police already one week in advance of the event itself. Is it just that we have never heard of it before on the news? A lot has been said about the US and Russia having worst relations since the cold war and this missile shield and missile tests are quite worrying but both countries are facing presidential elctions next year and this is about the last chance for both presidents to make their marks in the book of world history. They should try to be more like Fonzie, cool, and take it easy.

Three Finnish businesmen on a fishing trip in the Persian Gulf were captured by the Iranians last saturdayafter having passed into their territorial waters. The Finns really must be nuts about their fishing to go out fishing where ever they go.

Anyway, they are now being released. Luckily they were not hit by the storm that hit Oman killing 12 people. The storm is the worst storm ever on the Arabian Peninsula And my husband is considering whether it is better to go fishing on Friday or Saturday night. Guess I am lucky he will be in Finland only.

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